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  1. New Web Site and Galleries
    16 Mar, 2016
    New Web Site and Galleries
    As the web site was becoming a little dated and not exactly optimised for mobile devices, I have been busy rebuilding and slimming it down a little. So here is the finished result, hopefully for your viewing experience, a cleaner and easier to navigate site with fewer images to 'wade through'. There are two new galleries which I thought were worth adding and these are the Roof Top Views and Night Views. These galleries will be continually added to and consist of photos taken whilst
  2. Farewell Christopher!
    09 Mar, 2016
    Farewell Christopher!
    I would like to say farewell and good luck to Christopher Cassidy who has worked on the Tunbridge Wells Project with me since I invited him to join me back in September 2010. Chris has now moved out of the area and I know that he will be greatly missed for his contribution to the town in the form of his Anke Blog which built up a great following and of course, working on the TWP with me. We have some great memories from working together on the TW Project and over the years have made many
  3. River Grom Tunnels
    06 Dec, 2013
    River Grom Tunnels
    We, and many people besides, have been waiting to explore this location for years. Have you ever wondered where the River Grom travels on its way through town, or perhaps where the Chalybeate Spring goes? Step with us then as we travel underneath The Pantiles to have a look. We were very surprised, not only how big the tunnel complex was but how very clean it was down there too. We expected deep thick layers of brown iron deposits but it was just a slight film under the water surface. It was
  4. K&S Hospital Demolition
    29 Aug, 2013
    K&S Hospital Demolition
    Work is well under way on the demolition of the main buildings at the Kent & Sussex Hospital site. Today we were allowed in to photograph the demolition going on. Here's a gallery of images.
  5. The Salomons Galleries
    13 May, 2013
    The Salomons Galleries
    We’ve just added a few new galleries to the Salomons Album. This time we got to visit some wonderful old workshops and went inside the castle. Can you guess what part of the estate we found this toy pram?